Interview: Joey Oliveira | Afterlight Comics A little biography regarding Afterlight Comics and Joey Oliveira. There a Independent British Comics Publisher from Liverpool, England. Established by Joey Oliveira who is the writer and founder in 2017. For retailer inquiries, please email: For customer inquiries, please email: In this Interview, Paul chats with Joey about his beginnings, struggles, and… Continue Reading →

“Wendigo Wood #1” – Comic Review

Wendigo Wood is now the third series from Afterlight Comics. And this baby starts off like those kind of horror movies, a couple driving down a secluded road to decrease an hour off their trip. While coming up to a sign that’s originally said, “Welcome to Whisper Wood”. Only to see the word Whisper crossed… Continue Reading →


Complete List of our Reviews. Whether it’s Books, Films or Music. # 3: Eye for an Eye (Film) 4VER – (Short Film) 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo! (TV Series) 2084: The New Order Vol. 1 (Comic) A Aaahh!! Real Monsters (Cartoon) A Haunting at Hollows Cove (Book) Agony (Video Game) Alfred J Hemlock (Short Film) Amelia… Continue Reading →


Complete List of Everyone We’ve Interviewed. And Reappearances. Alex Merkin House of the Witch (Director) No Escape Room (Director) André Loiselle The Many Lives of The Evil Dead (Book) Part 2 Ashley Ann Muerte: Tales Of Horror Film Avelina De Moray Photography & More WiHMX Beau Yotty Unearthed: The Curse of Nepthys (Actor / Writer… Continue Reading →

STAY AWAKE #2 Comic Preview

The next installment for Joey Oliveira stage-play to comic adaption, Stay Awake. About Dr. Isaac Banks who has to go back to three haunting tales about his former patients, which all of them suspiciously died while under his care. This is case #2, which seems to have something to do with a haunted Clown doll…. Continue Reading →

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