Written, Directed and Edited by Paul Dulski
Co-written by: Tristin Notte
Stars: Tristin Notte (Jogger), Tessa Baker (Caller).
Music: Karl Casey (White Bat Audio), WonderShare Filmora.
Budget: $20

Surprise release on Halloween 2022. The Pumpkin is about a normal Jogger who stumbled upon a Pumpkin.

Filmed October 25th and set to release on Halloween 2022.

Production Teams: Everything Horror Podcast, Haunted Vermont, October Spirit Productions

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“I made this short flick to inspire others to create their own, it never has to be a big budget. As long as you’re having fun. That should only be what matters.”

Paul Dulski


“short and sweet Halloween treat that’s fun to watch“
Darsh Reviews Movies

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