“Return to The Theatre of Terror” Coming 2021

Back in 2019, Tom Ryan released a horror anthology entitled "The Theatre of Terror". Which contained four short tales that a woman watches within a old shuttered movie palace. It runs a total of 90 mins, with practical effects by Patrick Boyer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8sNujT3MPs Purchase on Website Order on Amazon However in 2021, Theatre of Terror... Continue Reading →


Revealed from E3 2019 XBOX Conference. From Bloober Team, comes the Woods we are all familiar of. Blair Witch is a first-person, story-driven psychological horror game based on the cinematic lore of Blair Witch. It’s 1996. A young boy disappears in the Black Hills Forest near Burkittsville, Maryland. As Ellis, a former police officer with... Continue Reading →

FREE Comic Book Day

In two days the 2019 FREE Comic Book Day will be going on. Which will have a total of 51 FREE Comics. Before I dive into some of them, mainly the horrorish ones. This video below shows off all 51 books to find, and some other information regarding its release for this years comic day.... Continue Reading →

Interview: Tony Wash & Ben Lewandowski | The Rake | Skeletons In the Closest

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-jy7s3-ab59e1 https://youtu.be/VSBHXJRe7AY On this episode, Paul and Tessa chat with Tony Wash (Director, Writer, Producer) and Ben Lewandowski (Director, Editor) about The Rake (2018) and finishes with there Skeletons In the Closest (2018). Get ready to learn a lot, between what would have been The Rake to what we actually got. Ben explaining how he... Continue Reading →

“Tremors: The Series” – YouTube

Last year we got Tremors Cold Day In Hell, which saw Michael Gross take on ass blasters and graboids in Canada's Nunavut Territory. Now with the news of syfy cancelling the TV series starring Kevin Bacon, it seems Tremors took another stand. As of today, April 1st we get to see familiar faces on not... Continue Reading →

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