Spoiler-Free Horror Film Review: Legend of the Muse (2020) Directed by John Burr & Starring Elle Evans, Riley Egan & Kate Mansi!

Without spoiling, we review "Legend of the Muse", an award winning fantasy horror movie directed by John Burr, and starring Elle Evans, Riley Egan & Kate Mansi. Legend of the Muse is releasing on Amazon Prime Video in July 2020, a horror movie about a painter whose life changes after meeting a mythical creature that... Continue Reading →

“Tales from Six Feet Under”- Nicholas Michael Jacobs’ Upcoming Horror Comedy Series for Amazon Prime Video!

Nicholas Michael Jacobs, the creator of independent horror film, “Night”  (2018), and revolutionary urban horror anthology “Urban Fears” (2019) has made an exciting announcement on the official Instagram account of the studio! The fans of Urban Fears and Night horror films and those who like comedy horror would be delighted to know that there's the... Continue Reading →

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