Spoiler-Free Comic Book Review: Angelica Reigns #2 “An action packed follow-up to the magical horror adventure”

After reviewing the issue #1, we review the second issue from Angelica Reigns, a horror comic filled with magic and cool characters, which is a spin off from SFC comics published by Evoluzione Publishing. We tell why it's a great follow-up to the issue #1 and why it's a must read. The Story So Far...(From... Continue Reading →

Spoiler-Free Comic Book Review: Angelica Reigns #1 “A Satisfying introduction to a Magical Horror Adventure!”

We review, without spoiling, a magical horror adventure comic named Anglica Reigns from SFC Comics and Evoluzione Publishing! What started off as a humble Kickstarter project has now multiple issues and plenty of fans across the globe. Please read on to know why it's a must read. Official information from the Kickstarter Legacy Page: Angelica... Continue Reading →

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