From author Ted's Score which won Best Feature Screenplay 2017 at UNDERGROUND INDIE FILM FESTIVAL in Apopka, Florida. And you may also know Daniel P. Coughlin who wrote and acted in LAKE DEAD from After Dark Films, part of the 2007 8 Films to Die For series. Out today, Daniel released his next campy 80's... Continue Reading →

UNLISTED OWNER – Blu-ray Pulled

As you guys saw our article about Unlisted Owner finally arriving on Blu-ray, it seems Amazon had another arm to pull. After a few weeks of being up, peaking at Amasons Top 100 in the top 80. Amazon has now pulled it down from pre-orders. Which it did have a release date as of April... Continue Reading →

Unlisted Owner – Movie Review

One year ago today, Tessa and I had the privilege of Interviewing the Director / Actor Jed Brian of Unlisted Owner. Here's another person I also now call a friend and an inspiring person, while on or off the camera. His dedication to put his film out there is what also needs to be seen... Continue Reading →

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