From author Ted's Score which won Best Feature Screenplay 2017 at UNDERGROUND INDIE FILM FESTIVAL in Apopka, Florida. And you may also know Daniel P. Coughlin who wrote and acted in LAKE DEAD from After Dark Films, part of the 2007 8 Films to Die For series. Out today, Daniel released his next campy 80's... Continue Reading →

FREE Comic Book Day

In two days the 2019 FREE Comic Book Day will be going on. Which will have a total of 51 FREE Comics. Before I dive into some of them, mainly the horrorish ones. This video below shows off all 51 books to find, and some other information regarding its release for this years comic day.... Continue Reading →

“Wendigo Wood #1” – Comic Review

Wendigo Wood is now the third series from Afterlight Comics. And this baby starts off like those kind of horror movies, a couple driving down a secluded road to decrease an hour off their trip. While coming up to a sign that's originally said, "Welcome to Whisper Wood". Only to see the word Whisper crossed... Continue Reading →

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