10 Must Play Space Themed Sci-Fi Horror Games!

As NASA, and Space X had conducted successful mission like Launch America (May 2020), and now NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover Launch (July 2020), there are many people who have found passion in space. Many of us are already fans of horror, and sci-fi stuff like Aliens, Riddick, Star Trek, and Star Wars. So, here's a... Continue Reading →

Sci-Fi Horror Game ‘Negative Atmosphere- EGX REZZED Demo – Official Gameplay Revealed!

Like promised by Sun Scorched Studios last month, we have received the Official Real-Time Gameplay footage of the EGX REZZED Event Playable Demo for the sci-fi Unreal Engine 4 survival horror game Negative Atmosphere. The following video is playable in HD and even in 4K resolution!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJK--Ex7ekU The developer has provided the following information along... Continue Reading →

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