EVIL DEAD 2 Board Game Revives. Why You Should Support NEW CAMPAIGN [UPDATE]

Remember the old campaign? Space Goats Production, how they walked away with not only Evil Dead 2 campaign, but Terminator, Evil Dead 2 30th Anniversary Book and possibly more? Whelp, that went down the wrong rabbit hole with other companies tried to redeem what these pieces of shits did to us original backers. However, when... Continue Reading →

“Trick or Treat” – Loot Fright

Good evening everyone who is reading or morning, we are back after some devastating news that happened without any warning's or signs. But more on that later, let's focus on the happy cool stuff. November 2, we received our Loot Fright for the theme of Trick or Treat. Which of course featured other cool titles as well, plus... Continue Reading →

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