Move Over “Elf on the Shelf”, KRAMPUS is Here

Christmas is right around the corner, and so aren't those Naughty Children. Perhaps you wanna try another way of getting your children's attention? FYE Exclusive "Krampus on a Mantle" is just for you then, slide the elf over on the shelf (unless Krampus does it first) and have your children in well behaved manners while... Continue Reading →

“Trick or Treat” – Loot Fright

Good evening everyone who is reading or morning, we are back after some devastating news that happened without any warning's or signs. But more on that later, let's focus on the happy cool stuff. November 2, we received our Loot Fright for the theme of Trick or Treat. Which of course featured other cool titles as well, plus... Continue Reading →

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