Ghost Stories: Marble St Hitchhiker | aka The Passenger Tessa and Paul chat about the Vermont Urban Legend Folklore, Marble St. located in West Rutland, Vermont. Known to have a ghostly story about a lady ghost hitchhiker that can sometimes be seen wearing a white dress, carrying a child or pushing a child by a stroller. And sometimes can be seen without... Continue Reading →

“The Isle” – Movie Review

Set in 1846 on a remote island off the west coast of Scotland, a heavy storm causes a merchant ship to sink. The film opens with its three survivors rowing through a thick early morning mist, lost and disorientated. The fog begins to clear and The Isle appears before them. Abandoned except for four sole... Continue Reading →

Interview: Cameron Scott (Writer) | Death Care A gang of Home Health Care Nurses are dispatched to terminate undesirable health care patients. Written by Cameron Scott, based on an idea by Tom Komisar & Cameron Scott & Directed by Daniel Murphy. Find us on IMDB: Find us on Facebook: Find us on Instagram: DEATH CARE ON INDIEGOGO Continue Reading →

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