Jed Brian’s Unlisted Owner Director’s Cut (2021) Found Footage Movie Trailer Out Now & Movie Coming to Amazon Video Direct on Oct 12th!

Unlisted Owner is a horror movie which we reviewed when it first came out and it was among the best ones we watched due to the intense horror and atmosphere of it. Filmmaker, actor, and writer Jed Brian has been working in the independent horror Industry for years and has recently worked with Alex Magãna... Continue Reading →

‘Skeevy’ Indie Horror Movie’s Official Poster Released by ‘Night’ Creator- Nicholas Michael Jacobs!

After creating & releasing ‘Night’, an hour long ‘Found Footage’ themed horror/thriller movie about a stalker, serial killer and misuse of live streaming. The creator of that horror movie, Nicholas Michael Jacobs, has teased the next horror movie titled 'Skeevy' with an official poster release on the social media platform, Instagram. Here's the poster post... Continue Reading →

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