Horror Comic Review- Frank at Home on the Farm – The Scored Edition with Music by Composer John Vallely [Kickstarter LIVE Now!!]

Music is always an integral part of any entertainment medium, whether it is movies, games, or music videos. Frank at Home on the Farm- The Scored Edition with fan-favorite writing by Jordan Thomas, art by Clark Bint, lettering by Lettersquids and now with the score by John Vallely is a unique horror comic reading experience... Continue Reading →

Horror Comic Review: Frank at Home on the Farm Issue #1

 Without spoiling, we review the horror comic that was successfully crowd funded on Kickstarter in 2019. It's a creation that combines the horror, violence, war, paranoia and animals... The creators are: Jordan Thomas - the writer, Clark Bint - the artist , Nicholas Stephen Paul - lettering, and Writer on Cadavers, Murder Most Mundane and Last Exit to Brighton - Matt Hardy is functioning... Continue Reading →

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