Frank At Home On The Farm #4 – The Final Issue- now on Kickstarter!

The unique horror comic series featuring animal farm and world war situations, will be ending with the fourth and final issue. The fourth issue's crowd funding campaign has just launched on the Kickstarter crowd funding platform and only 31 days remain to support it and get some cool rewards as a supporter. The creators are: Jordan... Continue Reading →

Horror Comic Review: Frank at Home on the Farm Issue #1

 Without spoiling, we review the horror comic that was successfully crowd funded on Kickstarter in 2019. It's a creation that combines the horror, violence, war, paranoia and animals... The creators are: Jordan Thomas - the writer, Clark Bint - the artist , Nicholas Stephen Paul - lettering, and Writer on Cadavers, Murder Most Mundane and Last Exit to Brighton - Matt Hardy is functioning... Continue Reading →

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