Schemewolf Comics and Entertainment’s first issue of Murderman: The Dealer of Death Comic FREE for Limited time!

A 100-page graphic novel that's a satire of horror and the toxic masculinity of the 80s and 90s Pop culture! Phoenix, Arizona USA - November 11th-  Schemewolf comics and entertainment has made the first issue of Murderman: The Dealer of Death free on their website until the end of their kickstarter campaign. Labeled an “extreme” graphic... Continue Reading →

Horror Comic Collection Discordia #0: 3 Horror Shorts to Satiate Your Bloodlust Now On Kickstarter till Sept 2nd, 2020! [Read FREE & Back for Great Rewards!]

The introductory issue to an ongoing horror series. This #0 world-builds for the epic horror tale to come. Created by Kristopher Jerome and Patrick Buermeyer. Published by Dark Tidings Press, LLC, An indie publisher of speculative fiction based out of Albany, Oregon. Dark Tidings Press focuses on Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror, both in prose and... Continue Reading →

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