[Update- Now Cancelled] Genevieve Killer Doll Horror Feature Film in Development by NMJ Films!

[Update on March 28th, 2021- Due to Pandemic restrictions, the feature film has been cancelled but Camo vs Genevieve is releasing on May 1st, 2021 on YouTube]The notorious killer doll returns in her very own feature-length movie brought to you by NMJ Films. What started off as a small part of the 2019's Urban Fears... Continue Reading →

Genevieve Wreaks Havoc – Sequel to the Killer Doll Horror Short Film Genevieve in Pre-Production by NMJ Films & Coming Halloween 2020!

Genevieve Wrecks Havoc Killer Doll Horror Short Film, the sequel to Genevieve Short Film by NMJ Films, in Pre-Production, and Coming to Haunt the Audience on Halloween 2020! The goriest horror short film yet by NMJ Films. Short Horror film, Genevieve, based on a supernatural doll antagonist which was a part of Urban Fears anthology... Continue Reading →

Interview: Nicholas Michael Jacobs Talks About His Horror Short Film Genevieve, His Inspirations & How to Stay Positive During Difficult Times!

In this exclusive interview, we talk to Nicholas Michael Jacobs, the creator of the revolutionary Urban Fears (2019) horror anthology, and Tales from Six Feet Under (2020) feature film on Amazon Prime Video. His latest horror short film called, Genevieve, based on a supernatural antagonist which was a part of Urban Fears anthology, the creepy possessed doll with... Continue Reading →

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