Book Review: Red Sunrise – A Samurai / Vampire Thriller Novella by J.D. Oliva

In Feudal Japan, the Shogun rules all and he's a monster! We review the samurai / vampire thriller novel by J.D. Oliva called ‘Red Sunrise’. Was available to reserve and obtain from the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign (Support & reserve by Fri, August 12 2022 7:13 PM UTC +04:00.), now it will release on Amazon and other... Continue Reading →

The Inspiring World of Horror: The Movies That Influenced Generations Book Releasing in Sept & Available for Pre-Order Now!

A book to learn about the horror entertainment industry seems like a great resource for professionals as well as fans of horror. Thanks to our friend and director/actor/writer/producer Jed Brian, we learned about this upcoming book in which he has written a passage. Besides Jed, there are many noteworthy contributors and the initiative by the... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Castle Heights 18 Storeys, 18 Stories Horror Anthology by Red Cape Publishing, Tony Sands & MJ Dixon!

Without spoilers, we review horror anthology book by Red Cape Publishing called 'Castle Heights: 18 Storeys 18 Stories' now available through Amazon as Kindle ebook and paperback (Free with Kindle unlimited, Free sample available from the Kindle version's Amazon store page) Official Synopsis: Red Cape Publishing, in collaboration with Tony Sands and MJ Dixon, are... Continue Reading →

Book Review: J.D. Oliva’s Snowblind Supernatural Action Horror Novel About The Wendigo & Survival in Snow (The Books of Jericho Book 4)

When Ethan Jericho crash lands in the mountains, he discovers Winter is Hell! Without spoiling, we review the 232 pages Action Horror Novel Snowblind (Book 4 from The Books of Jericho Series) by the popular thriller novelist, author, comic writer, filmmaker, podcaster, & wrestler, J.D. Oliva! Read on to know why it’s an action horror journey in a cold land... Continue Reading →

Book Review: J.D. Oliva’s “The Devil’s Prayer” Action Thriller Novel (Book 2 from The Books of Jericho Series)

The assassin in black is back! Without spoiling, we review the 272 pages Action Thriller novel by the popular thriller novelist, author, comic writer, filmmaker, podcaster, & wrestler, J.D. Oliva! Read on to know why it's an action thriller rollercoaster ride you need to take. Synopsis:- International assassin, Ethan Jericho had a simple wish—to enjoy... Continue Reading →

Asylum Press announces the release of Beyond Lovecraft: An Anthology of fiction inspired by H.P.Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos by writer/artist Frank Forte!

The fans of H.P. Lovecraft horror has a reason to rejoice, as a new anthology written by Frank Forte called, "Beyond Lovecraft" has been released by the Asylum Press on Amazon! Now available at, the official details about the anthology are below:- Los Angeles, CA – Asylum Press announces the release of Beyond Lovecraft: An... Continue Reading →

Horror Book Review: “Harvest Moon” A Holidays Themed Supernatural Werewolf Thriller Novel by J.D. Olivia – FREE Preview Available!

Without spoiling, we review a horror crime novel hybrid, "Harvest Moon" by J.D. Oliva, which is on Kindle, and also has Special Edition successfully funded on the Kickstarter crowd funding site before September 19th, 2020. Free preview is also provided by the author via Kickstarter, the link to which can be found below the review.... Continue Reading →

Horror Book Review: Scary Stories- A Tribute to Terror [Free Sample Available]

Without spoiling, we review the successfully crowd funded fan made horror book that's inspired by "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" and contains 34 original horror stories by Curt Tuckfield, and 60 haunting illustrations by Shane Hunt. The Making of Video: Spoiler-Free Review: Scary Stories: A Tribute to Terror consists of horror stories... Continue Reading →

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