Comic Review: John Carpenter’s Tales Of Science Fiction: Interference Pattern Issue 1 of 5

Without spoilers, we review the sci-fi space horror comic, John Carpenter's Tales Of Science Fiction: Interference Pattern Issue 1 of 5, to be published by Storm King Comics on July 27th 2022! Official Synopsis: Pilot and physicist David Peeler has a theory that it's possible to travel between universes within a multiverse. Meanwhile, his colleague... Continue Reading →

Horror Comic Review: Frank at Home on the Farm Issue #1

 Without spoiling, we review the horror comic that was successfully crowd funded on Kickstarter in 2019. It's a creation that combines the horror, violence, war, paranoia and animals... The creators are: Jordan Thomas - the writer, Clark Bint - the artist , Nicholas Stephen Paul - lettering, and Writer on Cadavers, Murder Most Mundane and Last Exit to Brighton - Matt Hardy is functioning... Continue Reading →

Horror Comic Review: John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids Monica Bleue: A Werewolf Story Issue #2

Synopsis: Monica turns to her father for help after she is attacked in the forest, yet nothing is what it seems. Was she actually hurt? As she begins to have nightmares about the violent encounter, something monstrous begins to stir within her… Trailer: Spoiler-Free Review: From the signature style of Storm King Comics and... Continue Reading →

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