Joseph Tury’s Merry Spirits of Halloween Documentary Review- Entertaining, Scary & Educational Tribute to the Halloween & Illinois!

From the Redroom Creative Media who created the documentary "Hanging Elizabeth Reed", comes a perfect treat for this Halloween in the form of Joseph Tury's documentary "Merry Spirits of Halloween". Here's our spoiler-free review of the documentary now available on Amazon Prime Video. Synopsis: The Merry Spirits of Halloween is an independent documentary about the... Continue Reading →

Small Town Monsters’ Terror in the Skies Documentary Review- Thunderbird, Mothman,& Piasa Bird Legends Decoded in an Entertaining & Scientific Way!

From the creators of the “On the Trail of Bigfoot”, here comes an evidence based 68 minutes long documentary called 'Terror in the Skies', releasing on June 7th, 2019 on DVD & Vimeo Digital On Demand Video, which tells us about the history & documentations by dozens of witnesses about various sightings related to the... Continue Reading →

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