Horror Film Review:- Lou Simón’s Agoraphobia Starring Cassandra Scerbo & Tony Todd!

Without spoiling, we review independent horror feature film by Lou Simón called Agoraphobia (Filmed in 2015 but released in the North America on Feb 12th, 2021 after winning a long legal battle) starring Cassandra Scerbo, Tony Todd, Adam Brudnicki, Maria Olsen, Aniela McGuinness, Roberto Escobar, Gema Calero, and Julie Kendall. Now available to rent or... Continue Reading →

Full Horror Short Film & Review: “Backstroke” by Robbie Barclay

You can't see what's below the surface Here I review and provide link to the full short horror film by Robbie Barclay, called "Backstroke" currently hosted by ALTER horror channel on YouTube (and also on Vimeo) so that it's free to watch for everyone! Full Horror Short Film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_DQmfFjTlU URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_DQmfFjTlU Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/213754792 Vimeo URL:... Continue Reading →

Review & Full Film: Daddy’s Coming Home – a short horror film by Brandon Rhiness is a thrilling film about a family preparing for a father’s homecoming!

Daddy's Coming Home, A short horror film written & directed by Brandon Rhiness. Starring Julie Whelan, Elizabeth Chamberlain, Braedyn Hamaliuk and Craig Hamaliuk, It explores the frightening experience of a father's arrival and a mother's orders to set things right in the house before he arrives. We review without spoiling, why this is an experience... Continue Reading →

Spoiler-Free Review of Small Town Monsters’ “MOMO: The Missouri Monster” Scary & Entertaining Narrative Horror/Documentary Hybrid!

In this article, without spoiling, we review the latest horror documentary film by Small Town Monsters’ Seth Breedlove, named "MOMO: Missouri Monster" about the 1972 sightings of a tall hairy beast with foul odor terrorizing the -then- small town (and current city) of Louisiana of Missouri State of the US (Thus, the first initial MO-... Continue Reading →

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