Resident Evil 8 Leaked Rumors & gameplay info (Potential Spoilers if true)

Various news site and a trusted Resident Evil (Biohazardcast) website have revealed some interesting information about the next Resident Evil game in the main series, right after the successful Resident Evil 7 (VII). The information, while not officially confirmed by Capcom yet, seems to be true as the former Resident Evil 3 Remake leaks turned... Continue Reading →

3 Fan Favorite Resident Evil Horror Games Released Today (May 21st 2019) for Nintendo Switch:- Resident Evil HD Remastered, Resident Evil Zero, & Resident Evil 4!!

Three fan favorite Resident Evil games have been released today, May 21st 2019 on Nintendo Switch console:- Resident Evil Remake, Resident Evil Zero, & Resident Evil 4. The visuals have been updated for each and since the console is portable, now you can take the classic horror with you wherever you go. Here are the... Continue Reading →

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