Ghost Stories: Marble St Hitchhiker | aka The Passenger Tessa and Paul chat about the Vermont Urban Legend Folklore, Marble St. located in West Rutland, Vermont. Known to have a ghostly story about a lady ghost hitchhiker that can sometimes be seen wearing a white dress, carrying a child or pushing a child by a stroller. And sometimes can be seen without... Continue Reading →

David Teixeira’s ‘OUROBOROS’ Review- An Indie Horror Short Featuring Lea N’Kaoua!(Also Watch the Full Film Here)

In this article without spoiling, we review, Dorsale Films created 'OUROBOROS' - a French Psychological Horror Short with English Subtitles released on January 16th, 2019 on YouTube & Vimeo (Links given in this article). With Official Selection for Film Festivals, namely, Dumbo Film Festival, Retour a L'Anormal and Infierno en los Andes Fest. Also a finalist... Continue Reading →

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