Music Review: Molly Fancher “A Sudden Knock…” EP

Mystical trance, clairvoyance, split personality and many other things that make hair stand on end. Such was a life - life of Molly Fancher. Interesting, could poor girl Molly imagine that century and half later on the other side of globe will emerge a band named in her honor? These five zombie's rose from the... Continue Reading →

“The Gentleman #2: Lovecraftian” – Comic Review

The Gentleman #2 is the 2nd issue of the 3rd SFC Comic comics solo series. This will be a 32 page comic written by Greg Anderson Elysee of the graphic novel  Is'Nana: The Werespider series, drawn by Massimialiano Veltri of Marvel Comics and TItan Comics, with colors by Marco Pagnotta of SFC and Kasai. A Lovecraftian inspired horror noir story about the... Continue Reading →

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