Interview: Nicole Sell | Beware The Wendigo | WiHMX The Wendigo is an upcoming film by Nicole Sell. With the cast and crew in the works, however we could be seeing if Nicole reaches the necessary goal. Melissa K. Webb (Sharknado 4) and Heather Benson (The Walking Dead), involved with the makeup work. I have the talented, Kevynn Brewer (Killer Kate), working... Continue Reading →

End of Month Discussion: Amazon Targeting Indie Films | The Evolution of Female Leads For this end of the month discussion, we have guests Ken Artuz founder of Also joining the first discussion is J.R. Bookwalter, former owner of Tempe Video. Within the two topics presented we chat the following with a little description. Amazon Targeting Indie Films, we chat about the big ordeal that has... Continue Reading →

Silent Hill Requiem – Movie Review

Silent Hill Requiem is an independent film written and directed by Gareth Morgan of Zenithfilms. The story is about how the “Otherworld”, a fog-filled nightmare realm that judges the guilty of their sins, has broken free of its boundaries in Silent Hill and is now infecting the entire planet. Now an unknown force has brought... Continue Reading →

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