Everyone Laugh At Leanne (2019) Teaser tells about Paranoia and horror!

M. W. Daniels, the creator of House of Lexi horror film released a teaser of "Everyone Laugh at Leanne" in Nov 2019. The teaser shows some nightmarish scenarios about isolation, paranoia, fear of others harming the protagonist and psychological horror. Here's the Teaser: https://youtu.be/J4mkt9TBssA Credits: A Film By M. W. Daniels With Kerry Newton Tom... Continue Reading →

Revolutionary Horror Anthology ‘Urban Fears’ now coming to FEARnyc Film Festival on Oct 27th 6pm at Film Noir Cinema

After a successful premiere in Philadelphia, USA, now the indie horror anthology is ready to thrill the film festival audiences in NYC, because Nicholas Michael Jacobs' revolutionary horror anthology Urban Fears is coming to FEARnyc 2019 on October 27th 6pm at Film Noir Cinema! Official Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liPwMBz9fug FEARnyc describes the film anthology as: Made by... Continue Reading →

Spoiler-Free Review of Small Town Monsters’ “MOMO: The Missouri Monster” Scary & Entertaining Narrative Horror/Documentary Hybrid!

In this article, without spoiling, we review the latest horror documentary film by Small Town Monsters’ Seth Breedlove, named "MOMO: Missouri Monster" about the 1972 sightings of a tall hairy beast with foul odor terrorizing the -then- small town (and current city) of Louisiana of Missouri State of the US (Thus, the first initial MO-... Continue Reading →

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