Horror Comic Review: Zombies We Are Human Too Volume 2 – A Graphic Novel About Zombie Stories!

A 100pg Graphic Novel that tells Zombie stories BEFORE and HOW they became zombies. It’s a completely new take on the Zombie Genre! Without spoiling, we review the 100 paged graphic novel called “Zombies We Are Human Too” Volume 2 by Austin Janowsky with contributions by many creators and now on the Kickstarter crowd funding platform with... Continue Reading →

Snow White Zombie Apocalypse Comic on Kickstarter

If you're just encountering it now, Snow White Zombie Apocalypse (SWZA to the cool kids) is a comic series created by Brenton Lengel. The story began as a play and has enjoyed multiple productions and incarnations since its NYC debut as part of the 2009 Estrogenius Festival. The first issue, drawn by Dark Horse Comics alumnus Hyeondo Park and colored by Jio... Continue Reading →

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