“Flesh & Blood” – Loot Fright

Paul and Tessa unbox the fifth and FINAL Loot Fright, Themed "FLESH AND BLOOD". Below is the full list of the contents we received within the box. Here is Tessa and I unboxing video of our final Loot Fright, Flesh & Blood. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDlsko15_9o -----FLESH AND BLOOD---- TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE LEATHERFACE PHUNNY PLUSH EXCLUSIVE JAWS METAL PRINT SIGN EXCLUSIVE... Continue Reading →

“Bride of Chucky | Dracula” – Loot Fright

Good evening everyone who is reading, February 8th we received our third Loot Fright themed for Bride of Chucky, Dracula, Universal Monsters and Other Tales of Heartbreak. Which again came with another bonus pin. We both agree this time around, the "love" sucked. Here is Tessa and I unboxing video of Loot Fright’s Heartbreak Theme. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dnt2BPKVnV4 Next crate to purchase ends on March... Continue Reading →

“Trick or Treat” – Loot Fright

Good evening everyone who is reading or morning, we are back after some devastating news that happened without any warning's or signs. But more on that later, let's focus on the happy cool stuff. November 2, we received our Loot Fright for the theme of Trick or Treat. Which of course featured other cool titles as well, plus... Continue Reading →

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