Alien: Blackout | Not the Sequel We Thought Tessa and Paul discusss there thoughts about the brand new Mobile Game, Alien: Blackout. Did this do anything different? Are you gonna pick this up? Have you, and if so, what are your thoughts? Does Alien: Blackout do justice within the Alien Universe. This is our short review. Alien: Blackout is available for... Continue Reading →

Alien: Blackout – Disappointing Mobile Game

From a year ago, we first learned from that the next game could be entitled Alien: Blackout. Excited, as fans patiently waited for more juicy details. Especially learning that FOXNet, did hire Cold Iron Studios to start making the next game. Sadly, yesterday (January 7th 2019), we learned the anticipated¬†Alien: Blackout¬†is nothing more but... Continue Reading →

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