“Monsters” – Movie Review

Monsters, a very mellow, yet colors and sound atmosphere  that makes it that much more concerning. Even with the sounds playing from ear to ear than both at the same time for different sounds. We begin with a man, trying to feast upon a chicken leg. However, his attention comes to the camera, addressing the... Continue Reading →

Interview: Patrick W Boyer Jr – Creating Practical Monsters

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-sh6fe-a3a23c https://youtu.be/p_p2hzIim_M **FOREWARNING** Some echoing occurs, apparently Katie's energy was coming out which seemed to show a few bits and pieces throughout this interview, hopefully it isn't to distracting. Patrick Boyer started FX at a young age, inspired by his mother. Now on Everything Horror Podcast he chats with us about his work, what his... Continue Reading →

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