Friday the 13th (2009) | 10th Anniversary In honor of Friday the 13th (Saturday) I know when this is released. But ten years ago we had to look at Friday the 13th reboot, did it actually hold potential or did it fail like 99.9% remakes do. What does the remake do better or worse from the classic 1980? Also for... Continue Reading →

NECA – Upcoming Horror Figures

This week we got the 2019 TOY FAIR. Where big companies come to release to the public of upcoming products for the year. NECA HAS ANNOUNCED The Return of SAM (Trick 'r Treat) DECKER (Nightbreed) PREDATOR (The Predator) Lab Escape PREDATOR (The Predator) PENNYWISE (Original) (IT) PENNYWISE (IT) CORPSE PAMELA (Friday the 13th) ROY BURNS... Continue Reading →

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