“Women Do Not Creep by Daylight” – Comic Review – WiHM11

As for the first post of our Women In Horror Month, I wanted to start off with creators Vera Greentea and Kyla Vanderklugt. Two ladies that have created creepy and haunting stories with Greentea Publishing. In 2019, these two ladies funded their recently released comic. Women Do Not Creep By Daylight. Raising $15,633 from 963... Continue Reading →

“Haunted Voices” – Book Review

Scotland has a stunning tradition of oral storytelling, from the firesides of the nation’s legendary storytelling families to the physical and virtual platforms of today’s narrative performers. Scotland is also a place with a strange, longstanding affinity with that most chilling of genres: the Gothic. Haunted Voices – a bold and ambitious anthology in both... Continue Reading →

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