Music Review: Mister Misery “Unalive”

A band that started back in February 2018 hit the music genre of horror, 80's rock and metal. A year or so later they were signed to Arising Empire. From there they released their debut album, "Unalive". A 10 Track LP, CD or Digital Format of 40 Minutes of Horrorlicious goodness. Released October 2019. The... Continue Reading →

Comic Review: Birth of the Goatman

Birth of the Goatman is the second of the third issue of the Goatman series from the team at Afterlight Comics. Drawn by Adrian Manuel Garcia, and Colored, Lettered and Written by Joseph Oliviera. Funded on Kickstarter. A lone detective investigates the death of a family at a cabin in the woods which leads to... Continue Reading →

Horror Book Review: “Harvest Moon” A Holidays Themed Supernatural Werewolf Thriller Novel by J.D. Olivia – FREE Preview Available!

Without spoiling, we review a horror crime novel hybrid, "Harvest Moon" by J.D. Oliva, which is on Kindle, and also has Special Edition successfully funded on the Kickstarter crowd funding site before September 19th, 2020. Free preview is also provided by the author via Kickstarter, the link to which can be found below the review.... Continue Reading →

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