Fan made Silent Hill VR Horror Game Trailer will make you excited for a game that may never exist!

A YouTuber & VFX artist, David a.k.a. "Hoolopee" has created one of the best and immersive Silent Hill trailers you will ever see. The video description says: Non-playable concept trailer for a potential Silent Hill 2 re-imagining in VR! I tried to demonstrate how the atmosphere, combat and puzzle-solving of Silent Hill would translate to... Continue Reading →

Silent Hill Requiem – Movie Review

Silent Hill Requiem is an independent film written and directed by Gareth Morgan of Zenithfilms. The story is about how the “Otherworld”, a fog-filled nightmare realm that judges the guilty of their sins, has broken free of its boundaries in Silent Hill and is now infecting the entire planet. Now an unknown force has brought... Continue Reading →

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