James Alcazar’s Horror-Slasher Indie Film “Butchered” Needs Support on IndieGoGo!

With several slasher films already made along with cast & crew of experienced professionals with them, Writer-Executive Producer, James Alcazar & Director Robbie Dias have a new IndieGoGo campaign live for the upcoming third installment of horror slasher film series "Triple Feast Films" that promises to be very gripping, gory and entertaining, which horror slasher... Continue Reading →

Urban Fears- An upcoming horror anthology feature teased by Nicholas Michael Jacobs! (Support GoFundMe Campaign for Film Festival Entry & Get Rewarded!)

The first tease of the upcoming Nicholas Michael Jacobs directed & written film, Urban Fears, which will be a horror anthology feature, packed with three heart-pounding tales of terror has been released! After creating Found Footage movie, The Night and teasing another Found Footage film, Skeevy, Nicholas Jacobs has decided to venture into slasher horror... Continue Reading →

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