Comic Review: John Carpenter’s Tales Of Science Fiction: Interference Pattern Issue 1 of 5

Without spoilers, we review the sci-fi space horror comic, John Carpenter's Tales Of Science Fiction: Interference Pattern Issue 1 of 5, to be published by Storm King Comics on July 27th 2022! Official Synopsis: Pilot and physicist David Peeler has a theory that it's possible to travel between universes within a multiverse. Meanwhile, his colleague... Continue Reading →

Spoiler Free Comic Review: John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction Vortex 2.0 Issue 6 of 8 (Publishing on November 25th by Storm King Comics)

Without spoiling, we review, Sci-Fi Horror Comic- John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction Vortex 2.0 Issue Six of Eight, releasing on November 25th, 2020, at the official Storm King Productions website, and your nearest comic stores. Synopsis: More than twenty years have passed since the Benson Station disaster as an unauthorized rescue mission brings the survivors together again. Now... Continue Reading →

Spoiler-Free Sci-Fi Space Horror Comic book Review: John Carpenter’s Night Terrors: Graveyard Moon!

Without spoiling, we review, a sci-fi horror comic, John Carpenter's Night Terrors (Brand New Series): Graveyard Moon, which is a thrilling sci-fi space horror comic for the mature audience about a distant future when the rich hire space services to bury their dead in a non inhabitable moon of a planet- Callisto, a rocky moon of Jupiter. Currently... Continue Reading →

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