Comic Review: Werewoofs by New Paradigm Studios

The werewolf sub-genre of horror has been saturated with old tested stories but New Paradigm Studios' Werewoofs puts a humorous twist to the werewolf phenomenon by introducing weredogs while still keeping the horror theme intact through a story that takes many surprising turns! Please read on to know why it's a must own comic!   ... Continue Reading →

Horror Book Review: “Harvest Moon” A Holidays Themed Supernatural Werewolf Thriller Novel by J.D. Olivia – FREE Preview Available!

Without spoiling, we review a horror crime novel hybrid, "Harvest Moon" by J.D. Oliva, which is on Kindle, and also has Special Edition successfully funded on the Kickstarter crowd funding site before September 19th, 2020. Free preview is also provided by the author via Kickstarter, the link to which can be found below the review.... Continue Reading →

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