Resident Evil 8 coming in 2021 with major changes according to the latest rumors! [UPDATED: NEW Name: RE VIIIage, Chris Returns!]

After the last leaks in 2019, now another tweet on April 4th, 2020 confirms many doubts and previous leaks about the next big Resident Evil game! The game seems to be making many changes to the enemies and like Resident Evil 7, it will be most likely a first person view title. It started off... Continue Reading →

“A Haunting” – Getting a Reboot

Back last year we interviewed the CEO behind Enyx Studios, at the time getting ready to launch Halloween 2017, there game A Haunting: Witching Hour. It was released with the hope of people enjoying the idea at the work, unfortunately for some it fell through. Tessa and I sat down and did a video recording... Continue Reading →

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