Terror Trail – Coming July 2020

TERROR TRAIL is an upcoming short horror film, based on the Vermont Urban Legend in Glastonbury, Vermont. It is scheduled to be released around July 2020.

Synopsis: When Greg hikes up Glastonbury Mountain to clear his head, he doesn’t realize he’ll be prey.

Beware Your Surroundings




Writers: Tristin Notte, Paul Dulski (co-writer)
Directors: Paul Dulski
Editors: Paul Dulski
Producers: Tristin Notte, Paul Dulski, Tessa Baker
Composer: Karl Casey (WhiteBatAudio.com)
Special Effects: Tessa Baker, Katie Kenworthy

Starring: Tristin Notte (Greg), Tessa Baker (Jen, Letter Voice), Paul Dulski (John), and Jeremy Pratico (Eric).


Synopsis: Following right after the original, John and Eric make their way through Glastenbury Mountain as they search for their friend. Maybe they should have done more research of the disappearances and activities that had happened throughout the area.

They Should Have Done Their Research


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