The Sheriff | Short Film

We are also working on a cooperative project with actor, Jason Lorefice. We like his idea of this short film. The Sheriff takes us on a road to revenge. It’s like a crime story mixed with horror elements.

Synopsis: When the Sheriff helps teenagers when their car breakdowns, he remembers what they have done.



Written by Jason Lorefice and Paul Dulski

Produced by Jason Lorefice and Paul Dulski

Directed by Jason Lorefice and Paul Dulski

In Association with Everything Horror Podcast

Art Design by Paul Dulski & Craig Shorey

Music by Coming Soon…

Release Date: Fall 2020

The Sheriff: Jason Lorefice

Victim #1: Paul Dulski

Victim #2: Tessa Baker

Victim #3: Coming Soon…

Victim #4: Coming Soon…


11x17 Poster copy.jpg

Trailer Coming Soon…

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