Book Review: Castle Heights 18 Storeys, 18 Stories Horror Anthology by Red Cape Publishing, Tony Sands & MJ Dixon!

Without spoilers, we review horror anthology book by Red Cape Publishing called 'Castle Heights: 18 Storeys 18 Stories' now available through Amazon as Kindle ebook and paperback (Free with Kindle unlimited, Free sample available from the Kindle version's Amazon store page) Official Synopsis: Red Cape Publishing, in collaboration with Tony Sands and MJ Dixon, are... Continue Reading →

Film Review: Genevieve (2021) Horror Feature Film by NMJ Films!

Without spoilers, we review Genevieve Horror Feature Film by NMJ Films coming exclusively to Vimeo on August 13th 2021 with preorders live now! Nicholas Michael Jacobs, independent film director of “Night” (2019), “Urban Fears” (2019),  “Tales from Six Feet Under” (2020),  “Genevieve” (2020), “Genevieve Wreaks Havoc” (2020), “Two Twisted Tales” (2021), and “Camo vs. Genevieve”... Continue Reading →

Storm King Comics All Ages Title Stanley’s Ghost Nominated For An Eisner Award!!

(Los Angeles ,CA) Ghastly, Rondo, Foreword Magazine Indie Fab award-winning comic publisher Storm King Comics has added an Eisner nomination to their impressive collection of accolades. John Carpenter Presents Storm Kids: Stanley’s Ghost has been nominated for the Best Single Issue in the comic book equivalent of the Oscars, the Eisner Awards. The single issue is available at... Continue Reading →

Castle Heights coming soon from Tony Sands

Red Cape Publishing, in collaboration with Tony Sands and MJ Dixon, are excited to bring you the horror anthology Castle Heights on June 2nd  Blurb: Castle Heights is an ordinary looking London tower block... from the outside. But within the drab walls, things aren’t quite so innocent… or safe. Experience the disturbing events which take... Continue Reading →

Horror Comic Review: Discordia A Bloody Business by Dark Tidings Press “War, Analysis of Human Behavior & Supernatural Thrills”

Without spoiling we review the horror comic book, Discordia- A Bloody Business, which is full of thrills, action, lessons about human behavior, trust, and features an enjoyable story! Spoiler-Free Review:-  Discordia A Bloody Business is an action horror comic book which shows humans and non humans (scabs/mutated humans) now working together in some cases to... Continue Reading →

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