Interview: Brandon Perlow – Founder of New Paradigm Studios Behind the Werewoofs Horror Comic!

Today we chat with Brandon Perlow, the founder of New Paradigm Studios and who has worked in the visual effects industry since 1996. Brandon has worked on movies such as “X-Men”, “X-Men2“, “2Fast and 2Furious”, “Apocolypto”, Zodiac” and“Enter Whitespace”. Brandon has also worked on many commercials, including the bronze clio winner for “Amp” energy drink.... Continue Reading →

NMJ Films Announce “Genevieve: Blood & Guts” Horror Short Movie with Alan Maxson Returning as the Voice of the Killer Doll! [Now Released! Watch for FREE here!]

After a long wait, fans of horror genre can truly rejoice as this well timed announcement by NMJ films will make their Halloween even better. Nicholas Michael Jacobs, the founder of NMJ Films has announced the next horror short film project called "Genevieve: Blood & Guts" with Alan Maxson returning as the voice of the... Continue Reading →

J.D. Oliva’s Latest Action Thriller Novel- Sundown, The Books of Jericho Vol. 5 Released on Amazon! “Scary, Action-Packed, Enjoyable & Funny Modern Vampire Horror Story” Read our Review to Know More!

Author, comic writer, filmmaker, podcaster, wrestler, J. D. Oliva has created many popular action thriller novels and  through the werewolf horror novel Harvest Moon, came the character Ethan Jericho and the Books of Jericho Series was born which has covered multiple genres through its variety of supernatural and sci-fi stories and the latest novel titled... Continue Reading →

Amazon Top 10 Selling Found Footage Shocker “Unlisted Owner” Now Has Upcoming Directors Cut Release!

 Lawford County Productions announces the forthcoming release of “Unlisted Owner Directors Cut” with 9 minutes of never-before-seen footage added to the film! following a successful (now out of print) DVD run that landed the found footage movie in Amazon’s "top 10 hot new horror releases” in 2017. The Directors Cut release will be available for... Continue Reading →

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