Interview: Joey Oliveira | Afterlight Comics A little biography regarding Afterlight Comics and Joey Oliveira. There a Independent British Comics Publisher from Liverpool, England. Established by Joey Oliveira who is the writer and founder in 2017. For retailer inquiries, please email: For customer inquiries, please email: In this Interview, Paul chats with Joey about his beginnings, struggles, and… Continue Reading →

“Wendigo Wood #1” – Comic Review

Wendigo Wood is now the third series from Afterlight Comics. And this baby starts off like those kind of horror movies, a couple driving down a secluded road to decrease an hour off their trip. While coming up to a sign that’s originally said, “Welcome to Whisper Wood”. Only to see the word Whisper crossed… Continue Reading →


Complete List of our Reviews. Whether it’s Books, Films or Music. # 3: Eye for an Eye (Film) 4VER – (Short Film) 2084: The New Order Vol. 1 (Comic) A Aaahh!! Real Monsters (Cartoon) Agony (Video Game) Alfred J Hemlock (Short Film) Amelia Sky #1 Anti-aliasing Awakening Pt.1 (Comic) Amelia Sky #2 Anti-aliasing Awakening Pt.2… Continue Reading →

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